CT “Different” Tour

Kloof street, Long street, The Company’s  Garden, The Slave Lodge museum, Eastern Food Bazaar, Good Hope Castle: Minimum 2 persons.

Walk through Cape Town like the people who live there and enjoy the atmosphere, by looking through the eyes of the locals… all under the watchful eye of the natural monument we call Table Mountain:

Breakfast at Arnold’s, Kloofstreet

Stop for coffee at Mr Pickwick’s, Longstreet

The Company’s garden was established in 1652 to re-provision spice-sailing ships, a bit of green history in the heart of the city.

The Slave Lodge Museum next to the garden offers the international visitor a better understanding of slavery, apartheid and oppression of the South African people throughout history.

Eastern Food Bazaar: through the hustle and bustle of the daily city rhythm, here’s a place to have a nice meal and enjoy the melting pot of cultures CT has to offer.

Good Hope Castle: the oldest building in South Africa and the center of life since its inception in 1666, this historic landmark offers you a wondrous reminder of old times in Cape Town.

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